Thursday, 3 April 2014

日本大好き - Warabi Mochi (蕨餅)

Last Sunday I brought my parent to try the Ippudo Ramen at Westfield which was delicious and yet fatty (most fatty food is yum). And which remind me of my previous holiday in Japan. So later the night, I was craving for something glutinous sweet but don’t want to get fat from eating late at night. So I made this guilt free confectionary which very popular in Kansai area of Japan during Summer time. Also one of my must eat food whenever I travel to Japan.

The original recipe for Warabi Mochi is made from Warabi flour which is dried Warabi plant and ground into powder. It is not possible to get it in Australia so I found this recipe from one of my favourite food blogger/author Masa. In the recipe, we substitute Warabi flour into potato flour, they both have the glutinous texture. Obviously it just a substitute, it cannot taste the same as the authentic Warabi mochi I had in Japan but still enough to satisfy my craving. Also it can be one of the healthy yet delicious snack to have during a summer time.
It is a very easy dish, it literally only take 15 minute from start to the end. I almost feel like I was doing Jamie Olive 15 minutes meal. Hope you enjoy this lovely mochi with the taste of Japan. And I cannot wait until July for my 5th time Japan trip, it gonna be epic and by the time I can have the authentic Warabi Mochi while wearing Yukata and enjoy the most well know festival in Kyoto.


Warabi Mochi
150ml Milk
2 tablespoon potato starch
1 tablespoon brown sugar
100g Roasted Soy Bean Powder/Kinoko
Dark Sugar Syrup
2 tablespoon brown sugar
1 table spoon water
1) Combine milk, potato starch and sugar together in a pot until all flour and sugar are well mixture and no lump.

2) Prepare ice water in a bowl. 
3) Put the pot on stove and heat with medium heat; keep stirring until it becomes sticky, Glutinous like and have a shiny glossy look. 
4) Transfer to cling wrap and wrap it around. Modify the shape to rectangle shape (easier to cut later). Put it in the prepared ice water.

5) Meanwhile, combine the 2 tablespoon sugar and 1 table spoon water together and bring to boil then turn to low heat and simmer until it reach the syrup texture. 

(Remember to get the Roasted Soy Bean powder/Kinoko, I get mine at Daiso. I'm sure you can find it at your local Asian or Japanese grocery store.) 

6) Put half of the cooked soy bean powder on baking paper.

7) Take the cool down mochi out and coat with soy bean powder.

8) Use a knife to cut mocha into a cube and put more the rest of soy bean powder in. Make sure every surface of the mocha is coated. And Pour the brown sugar syrup over the Warabi Mochi before serve.

Bon Appetite.