Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ma vie à FERRANDI Paris - week 1

Viola I’m now one step closer to my dream but I know there are still a long way to go. I was so excited that I cannot sleep the night before my first day of school. First day of school are generally administrative procedure, school rule and introduce our chef for the next 5 months of school life. Then there are a tour around the school, introduce all the facility and have a look at other classes.

On the second day, we get to go into lab and collect our tool box, textbook (which we don’t need at all in class), and showing us the cleaning procedure and safety in the kitchen. Later in the afternoon, it was very excited because I can finally get my uniform which my name on it, it again remind me that I am finally in paris after almost 2 years of planning for this adventure.

Basically, we didn’t really do much and mainly get use to the kitchen environment and practise piping choux and chocolate cornet. It is a relaxing week but when i look at the upcoming week which is 2 weeks in a roll start class at 7:30, which go to school before 7 to get change and be in lab by 7 to start cleaning the table and tools. The real challenge begin.